Monday, September 26, 2011

Nap Time....Planning Time

The greatest peace during the day for a stay at home mama is nap time! Some days naptime feels like a figment of your imagination that never quite comes to pass, yet there are some days where it all works out just right........
You see there are several combinations that can occur during naptime when you have more than one child...... some days you might have one child that is peacefully napping while the other one is wide awake, while other days you have two kids that are wide awake and have no desire to rest peacefully, however there are those rare days when all of the stars align and both children are quietly off to dreamland at the same time. Those are my favorite days because I know I can accomplish so much while they are peacefully snoozing away! Today was that day! Whooo Hoo! I had 3 uninterrupted hours of quiet, and boy was I productive! I had a chance to plan out my next months worth of homeschool activities as well as make some fun printables I will be featuring here in the upcoming lessons. I even had some time to peruse through Pinterest...ohh the possibilities so much craftiness so little time!

Here is a sneak peek at what is coming up over the next few weeks

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